Advertisement Manager

This website belongs to the StudyAdvisor Global Education Network. The network is powered by the database of the StudyAdvisor, Institutions can create an institutional profile page and upload their study programs free of any charge. Beside the free listing, you can use our Advertisement Manager to promote your programs on the platform.

All uploaded programs are displayed among our entire education network - according to their location, to their respective academic area and to their program type. We hereby achieve an enormously enhanced global visibility of all programs and institutions that are uploaded to our system.

For the exact list of all platforms, please have a look at the menu Global Network. Currently our network comprises over 200 platforms for different cities, countries, study areas and study types.

Institutions just have to upload their programs once to have them displayed on all relevant education websites. The StudyAdvisor offers program upload and the creation of institutional profiles for free – but if a program is advertised on StudyAdvisor, it will automatically be advertised on all platforms on which the program is listed!

Example of how a Master program in Business Studies, offered by an institution from Paris, will be displayed within the network

An MBA program or generally a Master program in Business Studies of a French institution, located in Paris, will automatically be published on the following platforms (beside the StudyAdvisor):


Study in Paris,


Study in France,
(for most cities and countries:

Study Field:

Business Studies,

Program Type:

Master Programs,
MBA Programs,

Such a program would therefore be displayed on 6 different education platforms, including of course the StudyAdvisor itself. If the program is advertised on StudyAdvisor, it will also be automatically be advertised on all these platforms, without any further costs for the institution.

Options of Advertisements

The “Advertisement Manager” offers three types of advertisement:

  1. Banner Ads, to upload a banner to the network or to a menu. You can f.e. upload a banner to the frontpage, or the menu pages for MBA programs or Summer Schools.

  2. Program Ads, to highlight one of your programs at the beginning of the search results. The program will be indicated in green, and be published at the beginning of all relevant search results for this program, on every website where it appears. For examples, just have a look at our start page.

  3. Institution Ads, to promote your institution with a page-wide publicity on our front page. This banner ad will automatically use the background image of the profile page, the uploaded logo, and display a brief introduction of the institution.

How to advertise a program

To highlight a program at the beginning of the search results, you just have to 1) click on “NOT ADVERTISED” on the page of the program that you want to advertise (you have to be logged in with an admin account), then 2) select duration and budget. Based on your entries, the system will calculate the percentage of impressions in dependence with other ads. Then just 3) select your payment method and confirm the booking.

1) Click on “NOT ADVERTISED”

You can either select the button on the page of your profile (first screenshot), or directly on the page of the program you would like to promote (second screenshot).

course course

2) Select the budget and duration of your ad


Just click on the green “+” button to select your budget. On the next screen you then can also indicate the desired duration of the advertisement.


On the right side of the page you can change your budget. The system will then indicate the visibility of the ad.

Please note that this visibility is currently just calculated for the StudyAdvisor, and not the entire network. If f.e. the visibility would be 10% on StudyAdvisor, it still can be much higher for the other platforms of our network.

3) Select your payment method


You can choose between three payment methods:

  1. ask for an invoice (you will then immediately receive an email with an invoice for your chosen ad),
  2. Pay with PayPal,
  3. Choose to use a credit card (we are using the online payment processor stripe to handle all bookings with credit cards).

You have to agree to our general terms and conditions before you can proceed. Afterwards you will be asked again if you are sure to book the advertisement. If you agree, your ad is online – on the entire network! Your program will be highlighted at the beginning of each platform of our global network on which our program appears.


You can check the progress of your ad any time: just go back to the “Advertisement Manager” in your user profile. On the left side of the page you will find an icon with your ad, just click to see further details.

To upload a banner or to book a page-wide advertisement for your institution, you just have to click on the “Advertisement Manager” in your admin menu and complete steps 2 and 3.

Please let us know if we can help anything. You can also present your institution or any program of your choice with a YouTube video and a small description - on any platform of our network. Just send us an inquiry at